Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wish List ... Newlook

I used to absolutely hate Newlook. Literally. 
But saying that, I think that over the past year it really has come into it's own. Especially in the shoe department, honestly, the amount of hours I must have spent just wandering around the maze of heels, wedges, flats, sandals, boots .... Ahh heaven. 
I have completely fallen in love with these orange chunky heel platforms. I was in the Manchester arndale store the other day and I saw them, drooled a little and got super excited when I saw the £17.99 banner above them. Instantly grabbed a pair in my size and continued to browse the rest of the stock, then glanced down to the bottom of the shoe and saw that it wasn't £17.99 but it was £27.99. I was so ridiculously gutted, I'm in a bit of a no money crisis at the moment so I'm not allowing myself to spend to much on one item at a time. I had to put them back even though it killed me inside and everything in my body was telling me to buy buy buy them. 
Sad times. 
I'm also loving the collection of graphic T's that Newlook have in at the moment, I think a good T is vital, they are so easy to style and can make a look from geek chic to anything such as punk rock chick. 
I think I'm slightly more geek chic to be honest.


  1. So many amazing things !

    Gotta go check new look out =)

    Thanks for your comment..

  2. I've been umming and ahhing for aaaages about whether to get those shoes in black, I'm completely in love with them but can't quite bring myself to spend nearly 30 pounds on them. I feel your pain.

    Charlotte x

  3. Me too. I wish I could pull off edgy.