Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dramatic Society.

University is taking over my life.
I've been back in Lincoln for just under a week now and its literally been none stop, my diary never been so full, with rehearsal dates and times sketched in here there and everywhere.
As the majority of you know I study drama so that's why I'm always rehearsing, at the moment I'm doing a play called Terrorism at the local theatre, I'm making a film and I'm preparing to teach a lesson on A Street Car Named Desire, it's exhausting me.
But on the plus hand I have just finished my two essays that are due in next month sometime so, that's one less thing to do.

The money crisis is still at hand, (sad face) however I am pretty sure that student loan goes to tomorrow so that should be good, I'm gonna attempt to not spend it on too many clothes, promise.

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  1. Love it darling! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other! ;) Kisses from Romania!