Monday, 9 April 2012

Wish List ... Topshop

I've been teasing myself again. Never a good idea, I get bored and then think, I know I'll have a quick browse on some websites, then I see about a million and one things that I want, and I get all depressed because I cant afford any of it. I was especially enjoying looking at Topshop's new in store collection.
It always make me laugh because I never think that I really have a particular style or specific types of things that I like but then after putting this collection of my Topshop favourites together I looked at it and thought, wow, there's a lot of baby pinks, light blues and navy's there. With the exception of the coral backpack. I'm also a big fan of monochrome things, but I always have been. I completely fell in love with the playsuit and the shorts and then I saw the peace top and thought I would look so effortless teamed with some black leggings and a baggy cardigan (you know how much I love my leggings and cardy's)
Did you notice the little navy bird top. I literally adore that, it's so good for summer. Birds are my thing after all aren't they.


  1. Ah I actually love everything on here! Especially the peace vest and the mesh insert dress. So cute :).

  2. oh gosh i love that bird print top! x

  3. I love that dipped hem skirt! It's so amazing! Alas I do the same thing; looking at websites thinking I wot see anything then everything I see I love! X