Monday, 4 June 2012

Here Comes The Summer Sun.

Top : H&M, £7.99

Shorts : Urban Outfitters, Sale £9.99
Bracelets : Accessorize

I finally got time to actually find a suitable photographing spot and take a couple of outfit shots, about bloody time if you ask me. So sorry that I've been a bad blogger, I've been living a life of mayhem at the moment. Went back to university, officially finished my second year and handed in all my assessments, moved back home to Manchester, then moved house with my parents. They've bought a bigger house that needs loads and loads of work doing, so I've been helping them out with everything, relatively happy though as my bedroom is huge and overlooks a lovely park. 

Speaking of parks I experienced the biggest cliché of my life the other day. Came home from work and it was quite a nice day so I thought I would take my dog for a little walk around the park, whilst there this huge Chocolate Labrador came bounding over to me and knocked me over, so it's owner ran over to help, and was literally the most stunning man I have ever seen. We were talking for ages and he was called Craig. So so lovely.
Gave me butterflies and everything, I'm such a big girls blouse sometimes. 

This is one of my cheerful, feeling hot hot hot, summer outfits.
It's a really easy to wear combination and you could mix both pieces with loads of different things. I think these are two of my key pieces for summer 2012. 


  1. Haha and did you get Craig's number?!

    So crazy that you've finished your second year...I remember reading your blog when you were just setting off for uni! x

  2. No, no number i'm afraid, but he walks his dog here everyday, and he knows where I live. So that's the next step in the plan. :P x

  3. love the shorts and your hair is to die for !!!