Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Eye of the tiger.

Today I went to Chester Zoo.
It's officially one of my favourite places in the whole world.
I've not been there in so many years, well I drove there with my friend Callum last month, but we didn't actually go in, it was a bit random, i'm not sure why we did it. Oh well boredom drives you to these things.
The only thing that annoys me about it, is the rude people that insist on either bumping into you really aggressively or who like to move right infront of you when you've just lined yourself up for the perfect photo ever. Eurghhhh, annoying, sorry rant over.
So I figured, hours of walking around looking at monkeys and bears and all sorts of other things I need a comfy outfit. So I went to my go to top of the moment, I know, I'm sorry i've posted this top before, I feel guilty, and like a lazy fashion blogger, but I love it and it goes with so much, also my favourite cardigan in the whole world and my lovely green shoes. I never wear these shoes, I mean c'mon bright green shoes, what can you wear them with. But I pulled it off. I love them, always will. I do need to buy some more things to wear them with though.

I was so proud of myself, due to the mega amount of excitement that I was experiencing yesterday awaiting my trip to the zoo, I decided to theme myself, so did a leopard print effect nails.
I never do nail art, but I was so bored that I thought I would give it a go, and personally I thought that they turned out really well. My mum was very impressed anyway so hey.
To do it I just used my Models Own gold caret nail varnish and then I used my Max Factor black liquid eyeliner pen to draw on the shapes, it was basically in simple terms just a few squiggles, that probably sounds silly but there was nothing fancy to it.

These are some of my favourite photos that I took on my new camera.
The first of the butterfly was taken inside the butterfly house.
I honestly think it's the most beautiful photo i've ever taken in my life.

And now it's time for Alexander ♥
Who doesn't love Meerkats?


  1. Cool outfit.
    I'm really diggin' the nails.

  2. Love your nails ... awesome :)

  3. I have this tshirt too, love it, so comfy and soft. Nice blog :)

  4. The nails are so cute I'd never be able to do anything that fiddly! x

  5. lovely nails :) and i love the photo of the meercat :D they're really funny creatures <3

  6. sooo cutee

  7. i haven't been to chester zoo for SUCH a long time! your nails are amazing (:


  8. ahh so much fun in the zoo , the nail art is really awesome

    and i love polka dot top you're wearing and must i say amazing green shoes too love it!

  9. love your nails!
    your blog is so cute :)

  10. Hey, Thanks For The Comment New To Blogspot Since Yesterday And You Were My First Comment. So Thanks, Love Your Nails! I Attempted This Last Week And Eppicly Failed! Iz xx