Thursday, 2 September 2010

It's so Rory and Lorelai ♥

I absolutely love my mum. She's awesome. Reading all the blogs that I do there are so many girls with amazing boyfriends that take all their pictures for them, well seeming as i'm a single pringle, for my it's my mum. She makes me laugh because she always wants to take photos at a diagonal angle, and i'm like mum what are you doing. I can't believe i'm moving out to Lincoln in less than 3 weeks, it's officially 17 days. I just can't get my head around it, I'm gonna miss her so much. I'm really not much of a family girl, I hate family get togethers, I find them so fake and contrived. But I really do love my mum and dad. My mums the nicest woman you could ever meet, she's lovely to everyone and I can talk to her about anything, She's one of my best friends. My dad, is a crazy man, he's absolutely mental, and so funny, he always knows how to make me laugh, we're known for being slightly mischievous. As a whole we're a bit of an odd group but thats why we work, three musketeers all the way.

I bought this dress and the headband yesterday when I went shopping, their both from primark. Which I think is absolutely amazing. I've not been shopping in primark for so long, usually i'm always in H&M, Urban Outfitters and Topshop. I did go in all of these of course but I thought a quick trip into the capital of cheap couldn't do me any harm, and it did the opposite. I got the headband in grey as well. I also got a lovely pair of boots, a pair of extremely cute shorts and a gorgeous red cardigan.
Don't you just love the Urban Outfitters sale, it's my favourite, I got a beautiful lace skirt from there for a meer £9.99. Such a bargain, i'll be sure to post it soon.


  1. Aw, I know what you mean about moving away from your family... it's tough, but you'll get used to it. Be sure to visit as often as you can; it makes it a lot easier!

    Anyway, great photos; lovely dress x

  2. Thanks so much for your comment :)
    Lovely photos & Urban Outfitters sale = Amazing!
    I will be following your blog xx

  3. Oh, thanks Becca! ;)
    Nice outfit btw! I love it!! :D


  4. much love to your mum! self timer is my friend ;)

  5. thanks for your comment :)

    I've got this dress too...don't you love the colour!? xo

  6. ow! i love your headband! cute dress too!

  7. woo hoo i am lucky follower no 50 haha , glad i stumble into you blow

    hi Becks , your mum is such a darling , my mum always act cranky when i ask her to help me out with my outfit photos lol , she think i am troublesome

    how's everything with the moving? i hope everything goes well

    btw i am Jasmine

    nice to know u :)

  8. soo the dead band...i would love it if you could check out my blog !

  9. oh I love your dress! It is so cute! :]

  10. Oh how cute that your mum takes the photos of you :D My mum would do this aswell if I still lived at home. Mums are the best :)
    And you look so cute in the photos! This headband is adorable :D

  11. urban outfitters sales are amazing! love the colour of your dress, loooks beautiful on you dear. loving your blog! x

  12. Ahh thats so sweet to write about your mumsy, i hope she reads and appreciates it :)
    i have that headband too, i got the pink also but haven't worn either yet, this could be the week for it though! are you moving away for uni? exciting! x

  13. Hey hun. Haha, yeah she read it, she's an avid follower of my blog and hacked into it when she was at work and read it. She came home and wouldn't stop hugging me :D
    Yeah I move on the 19th, i'm super excited, can't wait. Hope your ok.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments I really appreciate it. xxx

  14. looove the headband! it's really pretty!

    X lightningfactory