Sunday, 29 August 2010

It's An Anti Laze.

Sunday. Hmmmm.
Sunday has been my lazy day for the whole of my life I think, it's always spent sat in my big comfy arm chair watching movies and eating chocolate. But not today, today I actually have plans. In about and hour and twenty minutes i'm making my way to a Toby Carvery with my parents, have a nice Sunday dinner, Mmmmmm. Can't wait. And then tonight I have a party for one of my best friends birthday, It's supposed to be a garden party with a hog roast, very posh.
Sad news though, I can't drink.
Still on my antibiotics for my ear infection, it's feeling much better now.
I mean I don't mind not drinking too much, but it's a little sad, i've never been a big drinker but I always enjoy a little cocktail or something a Dune Bug being my favourite. Lovely. If you ever come across one on a cocktail menu, you should try it. Unless you don't like Malibu, Midori, Banana de Kuper or pineapple.

My outfit. It's abit bright, I love this cardigan, always have. I think the colour is amazing, when I got it I took all the buttons off and sewed on my own, their like a purple crystal effect. Difficult to explain, but their really pretty.
I can never make my mind up about this denim dress. I found it in the bottom of my wardrobe and thought hmmmmm I remember you. Tried it on, and, well I can't decide. What do you think?

Cardigan : H&M, £9.99
Dress : Urban Outfitters, £35.99


  1. Yellow is your color and you have seriously gorgeous hair!!

  2. I love your hair! And your blog is amazing!

  3. Hi Becca!
    I love your cardigan, it really looks good on you.
    Thanks for stopping by :D

  4. you look like a doll in this i love the cute dress and the color of the cardigan makes the whole look outfit fun and pretty