Saturday, 4 September 2010

Time for the Garden Party.

So then, i'm doing farely well, thats three oufit shots all done outside now.
I was worried that my bedroom wall may be getting a little boring for you so i'm trying to work on some different backgrounds to mix things up a bit. I want to find somewhere really pretty and remote so I can take my photos in peace, but where I live I think it's going to be slightly hard to come by.
These shorts are a new buy, their only £8 from primark, I know primark again, but eh I went on a bit of a spree in there the other day and I figured they have a right to be posted. I really don't have anything against Primark, but I just find shopping in there to be such hard work, you have to rummage through mountains of rubbish before you find anything that could actually be considered as a good purchase and when you do you have to fight your way to the till without being beaten up by some bargain hungry shoppers. As a whole, it kinda freaks me out. I get a little twitchy when i'm in there. I have one rule. At all costs do NOT go in Primark on a Saturday, at all costs !!!
I'm absolutely shattered at the moment, i've been working ridiculous hours and it's really taking it's toll on me. It's so not fair, i've worked so many more hours than some people who I work with and yet the manager still chooses to send them home and not me. Instead i'm put incharge of running the bar, which just means extra work. Thankfully it's my night off tomorrow, i'm going to treasure it with every bone in my little body and officially laze about the house in a baggy T with a tub of ben and jerries, watching movies.
I watched the film Leap Year today, with Amy Adams, I think she's such a quirky little actress, really enjoy most of her films, Matthew Goode the male lead in the film wasn't half bad either, especially on the eye. Mmmmmmmm. Enough said.

Top : H&M, £9.99
Shorts : Primark, £8.00
Shoes : Clarkes, £18.00


  1. I love the scene for this photo shoot....very whimsical! The colour scheme looks lovely too

    T x

  2. haha the shopping experience u wrote makes me laugh , haha as long as there is no cat fights with other crazy shopper who has an eye for the same item that u want then its oh kay lol

    We don't have Primark here so i am safe haha

    get some rest , work can be full of shit sometimes , just chill and if you are not happy and if really worn you out then its time to consider a new job

    hope you'll have a great time off :) and happy weekend

  3. What a cute pair of shoes. You have a lovely blog, I think I will be your new follower :)

  4. I can never face going into Primark, but you're seriously making my change my mind! :)

  5. so cutee

  6. So lovely

  7. I'll go to Manchester this week, for a little weekend, hope it will be great!! =)

    I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
    Fashion lover ? Maybe you're gonna like my blog.
    See ya ?

  8. you are so beautiful!!
    i love the florals :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  9. i have those shorts ! bargain right?
    i might have to try wearing mine with a green top it looks really nice xx

  10. you look adorable!
    wish i had your hair.

  11. I love that colour green on you! I also have started taking photos in my back garden... the lighting is always better also! Your garden looks like the perfect place for photos!

    Adèle -