Monday, 6 September 2010

Crimson tides.

Hi there lovely's. Oh gosh, my week of constant work is over and i'm off until friday.
I'm quite sad actually, even though my work completely shatters me out I do love it, well I more love the people who I work with, most of them are so nice and we have so much fun together, the reason why i'm saying this, is it's my last shift on Saturday. I'm think of posting a photo of me at work, just for memory sakes, but it depends, maybe, maybe not.
Less than two weeks now till I move, eek. I'm so nervous but can't wait at the same time.
I'm so sorry I keep either talking about work or uni, it just seems to be taking up the majority of my time at the moment, if you want me to shutup about it all just tell me and I will.
I love this dress, it's my trusty dress. At only £4.99 how can you possibly complain, and it's really pretty, I always think it looks quite tribally, but it goes with everything, I always just mix and match what I wear with it. I've had it for a while now, but i've never posted it so I thought it was about time that I put it up.
I'm sorry that this is another indoor photo. I wanted to take some outside shots again but the weather was slightly over cast and my mother dearest is now back in work, so i'm on my own in the day. She works in a school so she's been off over the last six weeks for the summer holidays.
I'm thinking of planning some new post ideas.
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of what you might want me to cover, just let me know.
I'm happy to consider everything.

Dress : H&M, £4.99
Cardigan : Primark, £8.00


  1. Love your outfits! Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I have a new one is you want to visit it too:

  2. Gorgeous dress, those colours look so good together!

    T x

  3. that's a nice dress actually! i'm moving in 3 weeks too and i'm quite scared but excited at the same time jajaja but you know, new experiences, new people.. what're you studiying?
    kisses :)

  4. Cute outfit and I love the way you did your hair

  5. i'm starting publicity and public relations :D nice tu meet you! jaja

  6. Love your dress, really lovely:) x

  7. I love the dress. I really don't get to H&M enough. They have some amazing bargains :)

  8. I've got the top version of that dress - £2.99, can't go wrong! Love it :)

    In fact, love all of this outfit - you look great.

  9. love the outfit :) might have to go find that dress in my local H&M, can't wait until the online store opens! Beth x

  10. so cute! i am sooo into geometric black and white prints right now! and for that price?! perfect! check my blog out sometime! x

  11. That dress is fantastic! I can't believe the price