Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I ♥

I've recently realised that I've never really mentioned much about what i'm like as an individual.
You know what I mean, things that I love, that make me happy and so on.
Yeah i've bored you with details of work and college and uni, and obviously you know a whole lot of info about my style but other than that, not much.
That's why i've decided to do a I ♥ post. Just to get in all out of the way with in one quick move.

1. Playing fetch with Thistle in the park on hot summer days.

2. Spike, just everything about him. He's my little baby.

3. These movies. In order of preference of course.

4. My dad, and his ridiculous shirts. He does make me laugh.

5. This weekend with my bestfriend, music, fun, sun, sand.

6. My mum and the way she always knows what i'm thinking.

7. These nail polishes. Pretty.

8. My guitar. Jamming in drama with my chums.

9. These rings. The first from Skiathos and the second is my mums from her dad.

10. Caramac. He's been with me my whole life, first ever teddy.

11. This photo. Enough said.


  1. Cute post. I like your pink guitar

  2. Lovely post :) It's always nice to find out a bit more about the blogger behind the blog..

    It's great that you're so close to your parents.

    I'm particularly loving your rings & nail varnish. & Caramac! Bless :)


  3. wow the bird tattoo of yours is pretty awesome and that is a long list of movies i love too , we shares the same interest coool

    and rock on , that cute pink guitar of yours

  4. Those rings are just great. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)