Tuesday, 7 September 2010

There's a Big Yellow Heart just for You.

The sun's shining, i'm sat here with my cherryade and i'm officially bored.
Boredom seems to be a bit of an issue for me, I think it's partly because it's been the summer holidays for like ever, and as a whole i've run out of things to do.
Obviously part of my time is spent blogging and doing publicity, but when i'm done with that I just run out of things to do.
Hopefully it shouldn't last long today though as i'm off to nando's this evening with the girlies from college. And I think I might go into town a bit earlier to do a bit of shopping. I think it's needed. Books and so on for uni, and I might treat myself to a little something whilst i'm there. Who knows.
I love this dress so much. It makes me feel like a doll, and everyone say's I look like a china doll when I wear it to college, it just makes me feel so pretty, and the lace is so detailed and delicate it's just beautiful.
I like teaming really subtle and simple pieces like this with really statement jewellerey just because I think it gives the outfit something slightly more interesting to it. Maybe it's just me eh, but I do love my statement rings.

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Dress : Primark, £10.00
Coat : Vintage boutique, £25.00
Ring : Muse, £8.00


  1. wow i love this, your outfit is incredible & if i may say so, quite a bargin :) loving the ring. great style xxx

  2. yes...i love that statement ring, but that coat is truly a statement! wonderful.


  3. Cool yellow ring! I love it! And your coat. Very Margot Tenenbaum!



  4. i love cherryade! :D when i was little i used to drink it all the time until my mum got fed up of my constant red mustache...


  5. looove the vintage fur..i have a similar one in dark brown.
    nice blog..im following now..
    and im jealous that your from manchester! i love the shopping there..

    check out my blog


  6. lace and the jacket = ♥ pretty doll

  7. OH MY...you are super cute! love your blog very much! :)

    Jess from Taiwan.