Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's All About the Slouch Baby.

I know, I know.
At this point in my life, going to uni an'all in less than two weeks I really should be trying to save my money, but I really can't do it. I try. Really, I do. I think righty, i'll be good and won't do any more shopping, then I go into town nip in a shop to waste some time, and suddenly find myself with several shopping bags filled to the brim with tops and skirts and dresses and coats.
I'm telling you I have a minor case of schizophrenia or something. These things just happen to me. I'll try and control myself from now on. Not that i'm promising anything.
I'll admit it i'm a very weak individual.
Ooooo I got excited the other night. I don't know if anyone else watches hollyoaks like moi, to be honest I think it's been a little rubbish lately, but still. Well back to it. Zack came into my work the other night and I served him. Had a little bit of a giddy freakout afterwards, I do love him, would have preferred it to be Gilly, but Zack's my second favourite so i'm sure I can cope.
Hmmmmm at this very second i'm sat here watching an extremely weird film about Elvis Presley, JFK and a mummy. As in a skin rotting, bandaged up mummy, it's quite surreal, my dad's choice not mine.
Is anyone else excited for the new season of Fearne and ..... It's on tonight, 9 oclock ITV 2. It's Mischa Barton for the first episode, i'm really excited to watch it. Thought the last season was so good. Yeah some of the episodes were a bit dull, depending who was on, but others were so entertaining, Peaches Geldoff came across as such a bitch. But yeah. I think we should all watch it and then discuss. I'm excited !

Jumper : H&M, £12.99
Headband : Primark, £2.50
Coat : H&M, £29.99


  1. Love that headband, I must get one,
    and that fur coat below is rockin'.
    Great looks!

  2. I Thought Mischa Barton Was Really Random, And Quite Boring. Saying How She Hardly Ever Does Her Make-up for the paps, When She Did It Like A Hundred Times A Day.

    p.s I'm Exactly The Same With Money, Sooo Bad!

  3. love it i really one it

  4. Love the oversized top and the headband too :)

  5. oh such a cute headband! I love the color :)

  6. Loving the high street look. Little cutie xx

  7. arghh we don't have that show here :(

    by the way as much as i remind myself to stop buying things i don't need i just cant help it

    lol uni is starting soon , good luck ♥

  8. Love it, especially the headband! I need to find a similar one asap :p

    great blog!


    visit me maybe? :)

  9. Cute outfit! You are so adorable. Love your blog x