Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week2.

Carey Mulligan ♥

Ok, I know this girl might not be everybody's cup of tea but I absolutely adore her look. She's got that whole sixties chic going on, best shown in the second picture of this post, she's been compared to the likes of Twiggy, thats a compliment and a half, as well as dating the lucious Shia Labeouf, again who would complain.
So yeah I'm a fan.
Didn't help that she played the leading role in one of my favourite films of all time... An Education, where she played Jenny, set in the sixties. I love it.
If you haven't seen it then please please please try and watch it, In my opinion it's a must see.

Ok so now i've waffled, I would just like to apologise for being a bad blogger this week and only putting up one outfit shot, I would usually have done more and I was going to do one today, but sundays are now dedicated to the lovely ladies that inspire me. So yeah, sorry. I will honestly do more next week.

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