Tuesday, 8 February 2011

You Wanted Kissing in The Rain.

Favourite top alert, favourite top alert ! Well it's one of my favourite tops, I have quite alot so it's hard to pick, not actually wore this one in a while though, shockingly enough, it's just super comfy and it goes with absolutely everything so win win right.
It was bought on one of those days where you go out saying that your not going to buy anything and then the next thing you know you've spotted something that you really really want and must have. Shops are evil I've decided, they are so persistent in eating up my bank balance.
But I am actually quite proud of myself, not bought a new piece of clothing other than tights (i had to buy them, my other ones had ripped) since I came back to Lincoln which has been roughly about a month. Wooo go me. My mummy will be so impressed.

I've got a seminar at 4 today and I really can't be bothered going, but Pete's making me, apparently I accidently kicked him out of the bed last night so I think it's some kind of revenge scheme. Quite funny if you ask me, I have no memory of doing it, maybe I'm loosing my mind !!! Not good.
Speaking of Pete, it's are usual wednesday date night tomorrow, and we really can't decide what to go and watch at the cinema between... The Kings Speech, Hereafter and Sanctum 3D. Does anyone have any recommendations?
It's our anniversary on Friday, and then Valentines on Monday, such a cute week for us.
Happy bunny I am.

Comment me or formspring, I love chatting to you all lovelies.

Leggings : Topshop, £19.00
Top : Topshop, £28.00
Vest top : H&M, £2.99
Blazer : Newlook, £22.00
Necklace : Pilgrim

Post Song : Hollywood, Marina and the Diamonds


  1. Love that top! Can see why its your favourite :)
    & Its always the case that you see loads of nice things when you say your not meant to be buying anything haha x

  2. It is a lovely top, it looks so flattering, I want one!

  3. i love the way you did your hair! <3<3