Friday, 11 February 2011

Your Faking A Smile With A Coffee To Go.

Ok i'm not going to lie, over the last week or so i've been quite down about how my blogs been going, I don't know why, I was loosing inspiration and it was becoming more of a chore than something I enjoy doing. I used to love blogging and it was something that I got excited about creating and adding more to.
I love to read other people blogs but lately everybody seems to just have something to complain about, whether it's haters, or not being as outfit orientated and some readers might want, even successful bloggers such as Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky has been recieving some serious moaning from readers. I think people are becoming so obsessed with how they want blogs to be, and their forgetting about the actual blogger.

A blog should be a place where a person can go to release their creative energy and talk about what they want to talk about, not what the reader wants them to talk about. Blogs are a vent for the writer to show how they feel about something. Readers really need to stop trying to get bloggers to change what they like to put on their blogs it's ridiculous.

Anyway, thats why I decided I needed a new start, not a new blog, because i'm really proud of what I have achieved when it comes to my work. But I've decided that a new name was needed. Thats why i've gone from Beccas Daydreams to Faint Hearted Sparrow. Beccas Daydreams was my first real success in the blogging world and I honestly am so proud of it, but I also feel that it didn't encompass the maturity that I wanted to portray. I think Faint Hearted Sparrow is symbolic of the challenges of the blogging world that bloggers need to overcome, plus I have a thing for birds. As many of my previous readers will know I have two bird tattoos, their my little symbol.

New start means new and better photos.
Thumbs up my lovely's I actually have an outdoor photograph for you, and this is something that I will hopefully be trying to keep up with. Fingers crossed and if my lovely Pete will keep snapping me. I'll just smile at him sweetly.
So yeah, smiles all round. What do you all think of my new blog look?

Tunic : Newlook, £22.99
Cardigan : Primark, £10.00
Tights : Primark, £2.50
Brogues : Primark
Bag : Accessorize, £32.00

Post Song : Bad Day, Daniel Powter


  1. Thanx for ya comment hun! LOVE ur blog! Now following it! xxxx

  2. Love the outfit, wow :))

  3. hi dear!! I like your blog! Oh, thanks for your comment on mine!
    What do you think about following each other??


  4. good luck with your new start hun! i'll def be reading from now on :D xoxo avs

  5. Thank you for your comment lovely:)
    The tunic is so cute!xxx

  6. Thank you for your comment :)
    Love this outfit, I wanted the tunic a while back...might have to go and see if it's still around now! :)
    K x x

  7. you look gorgeous in that outfit :)

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a great blog. Do check out mine as well

  8. Great text! You are absolutely right.
    I don't understand why some readers complain so much, sometimes it's even insulting.

    Like your blog btw. x)

  9. Such a cute outfit and the text is so true!

  10. hi there, thanks so much for your comment (:

  11. Your dress is so cute! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  12. Love the new layout and the blog name :) and your outfits really cute xx

  13. Lovely, beautiful and chic outfit!!! I love your style (very much like my own). You are absolutely adorable.

    i just read your little info on the side and what a coincidence, I used to live in Lincoln too (I was a little wee child then).

    Keep posting. See ya around !

    Christy xoxo