Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Its All In The Wrist

I finally got my bowler hat! Exciting time in my life indeed, I know I know, this is slightly o.t.t but i've wanted a bowler hat for so long now, and i've never found one that didn't either smell funny or cost an utter fortune. But today my best friend H&M broke through for me and gave me this little beauty of a hat for a minuscule £7.99. Couldn't say no to that now could I.
Had quite a nice day today, went shopping to town with my lovely mumsy. We're both skint at the moment so we couldn't really afford to go wild, just got some lunch, bought a few books, I accidently got rid of my copy of Pride and Prejudice so I re bought that and then got two other books as well. Also got some new earings, the ones i'm wearing in the photos above, absolutely love them, gonna become one of my favourites I think. Other than that I just bought some new moisturiser. Not exciting, I chose the Neutrogena visibly clear, oil-free moisturiser, i'll be sure to let you know how it is.

I think I might be going to the cinema tonight to see the new Inbetweeners movie, not sure yet, my friend is getting her hair cut at 4 so it depends what time she gets out whether we go or not.
Also depends on whether i've not got too comfy with my book.

This is a very heavily accessories related post, I'm big on accessories. Shoes, bags, jewellery, I love it. I'm pretty famous with all my friends for my accessory collection, if they ever need some earings, or a necklace to wear i'm their go to girl, they know that i'm bound to have something that'll go with it.
Anyway I thought I would give you a snippet of what's going on, on my wrist. I love quite minimal bracelets I usually either just have my pandora on or a little collection of quirky little bands and so on.
In the picture below are my favourites of the moment.
I also have an obsession with vintage Casio digital watches, this is my simple classic one, but the blue Casio is probably my favourite at the moment.
Hope you like.


  1. I've been after a bowler hat for ages too! Hotfooting it to H&M when I get paid! xx

  2. I love your earrings! I'll be on the hunt for them xx